Our Impact

To foster lasting and meaningful educational impact, engagement with teachers, adults, parents/caregivers, partner organisations and peers is firmly embedded in the mission, vision and all activities we engage on. While the process is challenging, our approach embraces ‘partnerships’ and sees us walking alongside the learner as they journey out of childhood, through adulthood and into early adulthood. All our projects encourage young people to actively engage on addressing the many critical health and lifestyle issues they face on a daily basis – and are run throughout the school calendar year.

In 2015:

  • 3736 Grade 8 learners joined us for the School-based Grade 8 LIFE SKILLS Project during the 2015 school calendar year. NB. Since its introduction in 2009, an average of 5000 learners have successfully partnered with OVSA annually on a series of in-depth, quality life skills workshops which are aligned to and in support of the national Life Orientation Curriculum and the Curriculum Assessment Policy (CAPS) document.
  • 3000 Grade 9 and 11 learners completed the school-based ENTERPRISE PROJECT during the 2015 school calendar year, and some 600 Grade 11 learners joined us at the annual Career INDABA. The Enterprise Project looks at developing an entrepreneurial mindset and thinking about your future, early. The 2015 curriculum also saw some 3000 young boys and girls engaging on Finance Literacy as many young people have little understanding of finance and economics. Many are spending and borrowing without knowing that interest builds up, or that credit cards aren’t free money. More than ever, young people today are going to have to save more and invest wisely and especially young girls need to have the skills to live financially-independent lives.
  • 310 Grade 10 learners completed the school-based Grade 10 LIFE SKILLS Project during the 2015 school calendar year in KwaMashu, Durban.
  • Some 6000 learners screened for TB.
  • 600 Grade 11 learners completed the school-based, mixed curriculum ‘ENTERPRISE & LIFE SKILLS Project’ in Buffalo City Municipality, in the Eastern Cape.
  • 15 Youth Advisory Boards (YABs) were established (one in each school), with each YAB having implemented health awareness campaigns in their respective schools during the year. In 2015 each YAB consisted of six members and 90 Youth Advisors were trained in eThekwini and iLembe Districts.
  • 20 Learner-led Advocacy Projects were implemented in the broader school community. Projects ranged from re-establishing school vegetable gardens and growing organically to improving water access, sanitation and hygiene standards through the provision of tippy taps, water purification, improved hand washing etiquette and menstruation management. Some 12000 young people were reached through these projects and services, which included an intense collaborative drive to screen for TB, early, and access testing and treatment for HIV and TB, as well as other health services, early.
  • OVSA became a member of the MatCh Research Community Advisory Board to assist members of the general community, especially young people,  to understand the basis science of HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, research methods, and the role they can play in clinical trial processes.

In 2016:

  • 2734 Grade 8 learners are registered for the Grade 8 LIFE SKILLS Project and are actively engaging on critical health and lifestyle issues; HIV and AIDS, TB, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Gender, Water Access Sanitation and Hygiene, and Human Rights issues;
  • 2833 Grade 9 and 11 learners are registered for the Grade 9 and 11 ENTERPRISE Project and are actively engaging on identifying their strengths and weaknesses, Developing personal career profiles and plans, Practical Entrepreneurship Education, Developing realistic business plans, CV development and Interview preparation as well as Finance Literacy;
  • The Durban Chamber of Business partnered with OVSA on selecting the 15 Grade 11 learners who had submitted the TOP 15 Small Business Plans for 2016. These learners will now be mentored until December 2017, when they will either, further develop their small businesses or take up one of the awarded bursaries to continue their education;
  • 508 Grade 10 learners registered for the Grade 10 LIFE SKILLS Project and are actively engaging on The Constitution and Human rights, Gender roles, Self-awareness and Gender Rights, Goal setting and careers, Understanding health and SRHR; 
  • 15 Youth Advisory Boards were established (now with a 2-year term);
  • 180 Grade 8 learners registered for the Sinevuso High School Project: a partnership between Woza Moya, HCI and Rotary International in Ixopo valley near Richmond, that focuses on  young people addressing critical health and lifestyle issues, including leadership skills.
  • OVSA continues as a MatCh Research Community Advisory Board member.