Learner Voices

Teenage pregnancy and HIV and AIDS – written by Zama Nzama, Grade 8 Zwelibanzi High School, 13 years old

I dedicate this poem to all young girls out there……….
Fooling around and around
Not thinking what’s on my mind
Doing things at the wrong time under the influence of alcohol and drugs
But thinking it is all fine
As I walk into the room with the guy
And we lose control
Not thinking about my own safety
Or thinking what’s in store for me in future
But only thinking its nature
What are the questions you’ll be asking yourself tomorrow?
Next day I woke up all alone not knowing what happened, everything is strange and weird
But only saying it’s another brand new day
Will that brand new day bring great things?
Or instead you’ll be starting a brand new life
Not knowing there’s a life growing inside of you
And there’s a virus growing inside of you
As you find out, you pause and not thinking either
I’ll be facing the world’s changes, corruptions, confusions and conclusions
Not find the world’s solutions
As you said “I’m on top of the world”, but now the world is on top of me
They said life is too short, but still a long way to go
You gave him half of you, at the end you came up empty, alone, pregnant, sick and most hurt
What were the results of that night?
HIV and the baby