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OneVoice South Africa, Arts and Culture Activator Bren Brophy, the KZNSA Art Gallery and the National Lottery hosted the “Happy in School” Campaign at the KZNSA Art Gallery in Glenwood, Durban during Youth Month, June 2016. The Happy in School Campaign was the culmination of a series of workshops with learners that relects their hope for their futures.

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A multimedia exhibition and public programme, the exhibition focussed on the value of social art making processes in secondary schools in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, as part of a Life Skills project in school that addresses the critical health and lifestyle issues faced by many young South Africans.

“Happy in School” refers to the world wide phenomenon of Pharrell Williams’ smash hit and music video ‘Happy’. The song andwww.wearehappyfrom.com  has become a cultural trend synonymous with changing an emotion into an action. Over 2000 communities from 153 countries have thus far created their own version of ‘Happy’ as a reflection of their communities’ commitment to ‘change an emotion into an action’ and say “we are happy from…” in the face of the world.

Within the context of the KZNSA’s Social Art 2024/15 Programme this project is mindful that ‘social art’ needs to go beyond the depiction and representation of social issues and challenges to the viewer. It involves the active and meaningful participation of art makers in this case adolescent learners, towards the shifting of ideas and attitudes – and moving from knowledge to action through active engagement and a positive attitude. ‘Social Art’ aims to leave a lasting societal foot print that is empowering and has the potential to effect real transformation in young people – and their views of life.

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