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Realistic School Health Programmes advance Public Health

School Health Programmes can reduce common health problems in learners, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) – which in turn can boost attendance and educational achievement. Healthy children learn better and school health and nutrition interventions have been shown to improve not only children’s health and nutrition, but also their learning potential and life choices both in the short and long-term.

Based on the strong link between health and education, schools are the perfect environment where a young person’s well-being, mind and body, can be encouraged, supported and maintained. Especially the poor and disadvantaged are increasingly accessible through schools health programmes; through which, in some cases, they may receive their only meal of the day. According to ‘Schools and Health’ 2016, School-based health programmes can be amongst the most cost-effective of public health interventions; promoting learning, and simultaneously reducing absenteeism, they can also be used as leverage for existing investments in schools and teachers.

“School health programmes such as OneVoice South Africa’s SCHOOLS PROGRAMME are uniquely placed to support a dramatic ripple effect, resulting in changes in attitudes, knowledge and behaviour through services and activities that not only benefit school-aged children, but also the broader school community”Marlijn van Berne, OVSA Managing Director.

Press releases

Mooki Noodle Dinner Competition

16th September 2016

Take part in our DINNER Competition and help support Young People on their Educational Journey.

The Mooki Noodle DINNER COMPETITION was launched on the 21st of September, to raise funds for ONEVOICE SOUTH AFRICA (OVSA) – a Durban-based NGO that partners with up to 6000 teenagers in school, on a daily basis. Developed in support of the national LIFE ORIENTATION Curriculum, the OVSA SCHOOLS PROGRAMME uses innovative and creative ways of actively engaging young people on critical health and lifestyle issues. Our programme is appealing to young people as it provides them with a safe platform to discuss and address, among others, HIV and AIDS, TB, life and livelihood skills, sexual and reproductive health and rights, gender, hygiene practices, good citizenship and human rights issues.

OVSA Helps Address Vulnerability of Young Girls

30th July 2015

Bringing dignity to the girls of Ndwedwe

The coming of age for a girl should not be a time to feel ashamed because of the change her body is going through. In rural communities across Africa, numerous studies have shown that a girl child can lose up to 500 school days during her high school career, because of a lack of access to basic water and sanitation.


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30th July 2015

OneVoice South Africa, Arts and Culture Activator Bren Brophy, the KZNSA Art Gallery and the National Lottery hosted the “Happy in School” Campaign at the KZNSA Art Gallery in Glenwood, Durban during Youth Month, June 2016. The Happy in School Campaign was the culmination of a series of workshops with learners that relects their hope for their futures.

#HappyinSchool video Youtube link