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Young people planning their futures

The severe problems facing young South Africans (77% of the total population) will continue to challenge today’s societies and future generations as well.

These include: inequities in social, economic and political conditions; gender discrimination; high levels of youth unemployment; and inadequate opportunity for education and training. Unemployment remains extremely high at nearly 52.8 per cent of young people unemployed. Seen neither as children nor uninformed adults, young people are in a stage of transition from childhood, through adolescence and to adulthood; a time of both risk, but also of opportunity.

Press releases

OVSA Helps Address Vulnerability of Young Girls

30th July 2015

Bringing dignity to the girls of Ndwedwe

The coming of age for a girl should not be a time to feel ashamed because of the change her body is going through. In rural communities across Africa, numerous studies have shown that a girl child can lose up to 500 school days during her high school career, because of a lack of access to basic water and sanitation.

Young People have a right to their future

21st March 2015

“Young South Africans’ opinions need to be recognised and incorporated in interventions that directly impact on their lives” - Khusta Mabaso, OneVoice South Africa (OVSA) Schools Programme & Research Manager.

At OVSA, an NGO directly partnering with young people on critical health and lifestyle issues, understanding one’s ‘rights’ is central to the delivery and uptake of their educational projects in school.